Readers ask: How To Open Locked Cabinet In Kitchen Deadrising 4?

How do you open lockers in Dead Rising 4?

Use alternate camera viewfinder modes to help locate these hidden safe rooms. After finding a key, the locker will appear on your map. If you find a Zom-B Safe Key, a blue circle will appear — go to the area and search for a secret bunker entrance using the Spectrum Analyzer.

How to unlock the door in baron Von Brathaus?

Baron Von Brathaus Restaurant & Deli is a location in Dead Rising 4. There is a locker in the location. To unlock it, find the key located at Hamburger Fiefdom. From the upper level of Baron Von Brathaus, Frank can scale the rooftops along Medievel Town and access the castle above Hamburger Fiefdom.

Where is the key for Big Buck hardware?

A hardware store in Old Town. There is a blueprint for the Raining Nails inside the locked locker. The locker key is found right beside the store behind a giant container.

How do you get Kippax in Dead Rising 4?

It unlocks in chapter 5 I believe. You have to go there for the main story and it will be unlocked then. It will be on the third floor hidden behind one of the breakable walls (need a heavy weapon like a sledgehammer or the game will give you an Exo here).

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Where can I find a chainsaw in Dead Rising 3?

There is a meat cleaver in the kitchen area of the restaurant, and a chainsaw can be found at Big Buck Hardware in Sunset Hills.

Where is the key in hamburger fiefdom?

There is also a key for the locker at Baron Von Brathaus Restaurant & Deli on one of the tables here. The restaurant sits below the giant castle that’s built on top of it, which also happens to be the center piece of Medieval Town.

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