Readers ask: How To Fix A Kitchen Cabinet Door That Won’t Stay Shut?

Why do my cabinet doors keep coming loose?

Loose cabinet doors can be the result of: Hinge screws on the cabinet and door have loosened over time. Loose hinge holes have become stripped and are too big for the screws. The cabinet door is sagging because it’s too heavy for the existing hardware.

How do you fix cabinet doors that hit each other?

For doors that hit each other as they close, you can adjust the hinge to move the doors sideways. This is the closer screw to the opening of the cabinet. It has two grooves forming a cross on the top of it.

Can you repair soft close hinges?

You can easily fix a self closing hinge on a cabinet. Self-closing and soft-close hinges are two types of adjustable cabinet hinges. Various screws on the hinge can be loosened or tightened in order to change the position of the door.

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