Quick Answer: How To Fasten A Board To Kitchen Cabinet End Panels?

What is a clad on end panel?

Clad-on end panels fix to the end of your units after the cabinets are assembled and in place to complete the look. They’re a finishing touch to improve the overall look. The panel is supplied taller and wider to allow for accurate trimming to compensate for uneven walls and floors.

How do you cut the end panel of a cabinet?

Cutting: Use a router to cut the end panel to fit the cabinet height/width; then hand file or use 150 grit sand paper to make a smooth edge. If the countertop is already installed then you’ll need to cut the end panel to the correct size using a table or circular saw.

Do kitchen end panels go to the floor?

On the subject of end panels, where they come down either side of a range cooker should they continue to the floor at the front or be cut back to allow plinth to go straight across.

Are end panels necessary?

High gloss or painted doors give a really nice effect to the kitchen but the kitchen units are matt finished and would look dull against your doors without an end panel. If you see “We recommend you buy your end panels in Door Material to match the finish of your chosen door style.” then you’ll need end panels.

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How do you cut the end panels without chipping?

To avoid chips, draw the line & run some electrical tape along the line, firmly rub down. use a good saw.

What is a decor end panel?

You fit an end panel to any exposed kitchen cabinet. This normally means fitting them to the end of any exposed wall units, base units and tall units, such as larder units and appliance housing. You would usually also use it to finish exposed units between the tall units and base units.

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