Often asked: Installing Granite Kitchen Countertops What If Cabinet Is Weak Or Not Level?

Do cabinets need to be perfectly level for granite?

If your cabinets are new, they should be level before your granite counters are installed. If your cabinets are old, they should be level before your granite counters are installed. The reason is simple: you want your granite counters to be level, so they need to be sitting on level cabinets.

How level do granite countertops need to be?

If we didn’t, nobody would have granite counter tops. Typically, Granite companies will install your counters if the level is within 1/4″, or twice the specified level variance. Most will even complete your install if that number is up to 1/2″ and may not even notify you of the difficulty or possible repercussions.

How do you level an uneven countertop?

Place wooden shims under the edge of the countertop in low spots. Check the countertops again to ensure it is level. Continue adding shims as needed until the entire countertop is level.

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Should I empty cabinets before installing countertop?

The first thing you want to do is the day before we’re coming or the morning of, is to clear off your countertops. In addition to clearing off your countertops, you’d also want to empty your cabinets, just the lower ones underneath your countertops.

Can granite be shimmed?

The countertop should not be shimmed. For granite countertops, the cabinets should be completely level across the top. Any shimming should be done at the bottom of the cabinets—not the top—so the countertop can sit on a perfectly level surface.

Does granite countertop need plywood base?

The granite system requires sheets of ¾” plywood be laid on top of the cabinets to support the granite. Be sure to note how much you want your countertop to overhang the face frames of the cabinets, typically 1″ to 1 1/2″. Also note which edges of the counter should have a bull-nose or other style of finished edge.

How level do cabinets need to be for countertops?

Cabinets must be level (side to side and front to back). Installers must insure the area is flat and true to 1/8 inch over a 10 foot section. 21. Tops should have a gap of 1/8 inch abutting any walls or cabinet side walls.

Do granite installers use shims?

Ensuring That every cabinet is Level and Secured This protects the stone from tipping hazard. If cabinets are completely out of level, and the unevenness cannot be rectified by placing shims under the new granite countertops, then the cabinet contractor needs to level the cabinets.

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Do countertops need to be perfectly level?

The cabinets need to be level across the whole plane that the counter will rest upon in all directions. You can use shims to even out the plane of your cabinets. While the idea of applying shims might seem a little hokey in a remodeled kitchen, it’s likely they won’t ever be noticed!

How do you fill the gap between countertops and cabinets?

Caulking Procedure Lay painter’s tape along the edge of the countertop and the wall just above the gap to keep caulk off these surfaces. Apply the caulk with a caulking gun. Choose a color that matches the countertop and spread a thin, continuous bead with no voids.

Are countertops supposed to be level?

It’s standard practice to level the tops upon installation and any true professional will do this. Of course, if the countertops become unlevel in a year or two, etc. after install, that’s not his problem. But a new countertop must be made level when installed.

How far can a granite countertop span without support?

How Far Can Granite Span Without Support? To span granite between two bases without support beneath it, you will want to stay under 36-inches. Anything larger than 36-inches will require supports spaced at 24-inch intervals.

Are granite countertops glued down?

Granite is frequently used as a countertop material in kitchens and bathrooms. This heavy stone is cut to fit the shape of the cabinets it is installed on and requires an adhesive to help hold it in place because granite cannot be screwed down.

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