How To Install The Blumotion Hinge Adapter With Spacer On My Regular Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

How do you attach a Euro hinge to a cabinet door?

Mark the centers of the holes. Pull the door away from the cabinet and remove the mounting plates. Drill pilot holes, then fasten the mounting plates to the cabinet. Snap the hinges onto the plates, then stand up the cabinet and adjust the hinges as needed.

Can you add soft close hinges to existing cabinets?

It is possible to convert a cabinet with a soft close to stop the loud noises associated with opening and shutting your cabinets. With an inset cabinet door, you will not need the spacer in the conversion kit, but if you have an overlay cabinet door you will need this spacer to keep the door from hitting the adapter.

Can you put new hinges on old cabinets?

Unless you’re going to replace the hinges with the exact same type, you will need to cover the old holes and drill new ones. This job is best accomplished when you’re refinishing the cabinet. If the new hinges are close enough in style to the originals, you’ll want to use epoxy wood filler.

Where do you drill holes for Blum hinges?

1. To locate center of hinge cup on back side of door, measure over from edge of door 22.5mm (7/8 ). Here drill a 35mm (13ΒΌ8 ) diameter by 13mm (1/2 ) deep hole.

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Are Blum hinges any good?

The hinges are highly adjustable, so getting good alignment between doors and door and cabinet is pretty easy. The soft-close damper can be turned off on individual hinges, so smaller, lighter doors need only one damper per door for good operation. The online instructions from Blum are excellent.

How do you keep cabinet doors from hitting each other?

If you want to stop cabinet doors from hitting the wall, you can try buying and installing concealed European-style hinges, adjusting the door hinges, using bumpers, installing a small chain or cabinet door restraint kit, or installing wall-mounted door stops.

Does Blum make a 90 degree hinge?

Clip-On Hinges, Pair.

What is full overlay cabinet hinge?

A full overlay hinge is a type of European hinge with a completely straight arm which makes the offset much greater than partial overlay or inset hinge styles. This allows the door to completely overlay the cabinet box. Use these for full overlay doors.

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