FAQ: How To Make A Kitchen Cabinet Into A Drawers?

Can you replace kitchen cabinets with drawers?

To get a replacement that will work you will either need to build a replacement, have a friend do it, or order a drawer box from a professional. Custom made cheap replacement cabinet drawers can be made in your choice of material, using either dovetail joints or dowel joints, in exactly the size you need.

Can I just change cabinet doors?

Can You Just Replace the Cabinet Doors? You can definitely just replace cabinet doors. If you’re up for a little bit of work with some basic tools, and maybe a spare set of hands to help, you can even do it yourself.

Can I replace a kitchen drawer?

You can replace any broken drawer using only basic carpenter tools and skills. If you’re upgrading your home for resale, make sure your built-in drawers are working properly. You can rebuild the drawer using the old hardware and drawer front.

How do I change the depth of my kitchen cabinets?

You can reduce the depth of your wall cabinets by cutting them down.

  1. Measure the amount you would like to cut off the wall cabinets from the back of the cabinet and mark it with a pencil.
  2. Draw a line around the entire cabinet using a straight-edge and a pencil.
  3. Cut the back of the cabinet off using a circular saw.

What is standard kitchen cabinet depth?

Standard wall cabinets are generally 24 inches in depth.

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