FAQ: How Much Does A Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet Weigh?

What is the weight of a Hoosier cabinet?

Assembled Weight, Capacity 230 lbs., 185 lbs.

How much is an antique Hoosier cabinet worth?

Generally, when it comes to antique Hoosier cabinets, the better they look with age, the more they fetch. A perfect-condition antique Hoosier cabinet can sell for $2000 or more, while one requiring repair or restoration can be valued at only $200-$300.

What are Hoosier cabinets worth?

The value of a Hoosier cabinet is determined largely by the condition of the piece and the presence of the original accessories. While all-wood examples in perfect condition can fetch nearly $2,000, those requiring some restoration work may cost as little as $200.

When did they stop making Hoosier cabinets?

Hoosier cabinets remained popular until the 1920s. By then houses were being built with modern kitchens that included built-in cabinets, counter tops, and other fixtures. Thus supplanted, the Hoosier cabinet largely disappeared. Some manufacturers diversified into built-in cabinets and kitchen furniture.

Is Hoosier an insult?

ST LOUIS- Anyone in St. Louis knows you don’t want anyone to think you’re a “hoosier”. A well-known put down and derogatory term used to describe someone who looks like a country bumpkin, backwoods “hick”, or even worse.

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Why do they call it a Hoosier cabinet?

So, what does the term have to do with the Hoosier cabinet? The cabinet got its name because most of them were made in Indiana. The first Hoosier cabinets appeared in 1898, created by a furniture company called Sellers, in New Castle, Indiana.

How do I know if my Hoosier cabinet is real?

How to Identify a Hoosier Cabinet

  • Look for the hallmark three-compartment design: a deep lower cabinet, a porcelain workspace in the middle and a shallow upper cabinet.
  • Check the drawers immediately above or below the workspace (usually on either end of the cabinet) to see if they are lined with tin.

What is a possum belly cabinet?

At the time I didn’t know it was called a possum belly table. The seller told me it was called a “Minnesota cabinet”. The possum belly drawers on the bottom would have held flour and sugar. Normally they were lined with tin to keep rodents out (ewww).

How do you paint a Hoosier cabinet?

If you have an old or even modern Hoosier cabinet that looks dull or aged, you can restore its vibrancy by refinishing it.

  1. Remove all drawers from your Hoosier cabinet.
  2. Paint over the wood with a liquid paint stripper.
  3. Remove any remaining finish using a medium-grade steel wool.

What was the drawer on a pie safe used for?

Some homeowners use pie safes for storing dishes or other valuable items, as the unique door designs make pie safes a unique and stylish storage option. The extra drawer located above the main cabinet area makes a pie safe perfect for storing silverware and other small items.

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What does Hoosier Daddy mean?

I stated that, for all we know, “Hoosier” could be a Native American word for “has sex with caribou.” “Hoosier” was the name of a contractor who worked on the Ohio River in the early 19th century. “Hoosier” is a word meaning ” highlander ” or “hill-dweller.” “Hoosier” is a word referring to anything large of its kind.

What color were Hoosier cabinets?

hoosier 3 took it back to its original colors which were green apple and Ivory, | Hoosier cabinets, Hoosiers, The originals.

What was in a Hoosier cabinet?

Hoosier cabinets were more than just a cabinet; they were a must-have in most homes. The cabinets not only stored kitchen staples like flour and sugar, they also held workable utensils inside. Most Hoosier cabinets housed flour sifters, Lazy Susans for spices, bread boxes, and even meat grinders.

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